We Are Open!

April 1, 12:00 AM - April 30, 12:00 AM

We Are Open!


Friday April 10th & Saturday April 11th we are not taking curbside orders- Please read further for more information on curbside.


COVID19 -  Policies

Thank you to the community who has supported us by shopping local in the last few weeks.  What an interesting time our Country/ State is in.  Even in the midst of weekly and even daily changes as to what is going on in our communities, we here at Merrymead are committed to staying open and will be a local market that is working hard to keep our store stocked and sanitized.   Our employees are following the guidelines we have set in place to keep them and you safe. 


-We’re dedicating staff to clean high-traffic, high-touch areas, like checkouts, door handles and shopping baskets throughout the day. (Shopping baskets, after each use)

- The Merrymead Team is constantly washing hands in between responsibilities & throughout their shifts.  We are also wearing gloves when suitable & necessary.

-We have installed a sneeze guard at our Main register lane and are asking for customers to respect personal spaces by checking out one customer at a time to help you maintain “proper social distancing”.   

-We have 2 opened  registers to help control the number of customers checking out & decrease wait time. 

- Our outside shed/greenhouse area is open with spring plants and veggie plants so you can check-out at our outside register without having to go inside our dairy store. 

- We ask our customers to respect others personal spaces as we know our store is quaint in size but want to be fair to all shoppers in not making others feel rushed while picking out their favorite flavor ice cream from our freezers

-We are only offering our ice cream in Half gallon and pint containers.  Ice cream in dishes/cones, as sundaes or milkshakes are temporarily unavailable.  

-The Farm animals and picnic table areas are closed off. 



Our curbside requests we are now limiting as it has been difficult to keep up with the demand while working with partial staff and still trying to service our walk-in customers. We are trying to explain on phone calls whom is deemed appropriate for curbside so we appreciate your understanding as we ask that it is only requested by individuals who are seniors , the immunocompromised, those caring for someone who is immunocompromised, or parents with small children.  We are really trying to not wear out our much-valued employees, so our compromise with you is that curbside is utilized for those who truly need help with their grocery shopping.    We would love to do curbside for everyone but if you are able to come into the dairy store, to do so. 

-Since we have realized the time that it takes our team to handle the logistics of curbside is substantial time dedicated to making this a convenience for our customers, we are adding a curbside fee of $3.00 to orders under $50.  Any order larger than $50 will be charged a 10% fee.  (Friday April 10th & Saturday April 11th we are not taking curbside orders)

-We will do our best to allow for same day pick-up but will appreciate flexibility if you are asked to wait until the following day.

-Please be mindful of what your needs are ahead of time.  We can review with you over the phone specifics but ask to try and eliminate add-ons after the order is placed to prevent confusion. 

- Since we have had a high volume of requests for curbside and to accommodate many of those who are in need of this service, please limit your order to once a week.

Thank you for your support and praying you and your families are all staying healthy and safe.

-Merrymead Farm Staff


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