Artisan Cheese


In need of exceptional cheese? Put together a delicious cheese tray made from a local farm located in Chester County! Merrymead proudly carries September Farm Cheese, made in Honey Brook, PA. September Farm is owned and operated by David and Roberta Rotelle. David represents the fourth generation of his family to serve the food business. With most of the main ingredients in place, great milk, and the ability to create and market outstanding cheese, they established September Farm Cheese in 2007. As the entire family became involved in the business, it wasn’t long before some family names began to show up on the cheese labels!  Check out the selection we have here at Merrymead, we carry a variety of cheese from September Farm.  


Cheddar Cheeses
Cheddar Medium & Sharp, Robertson's Select Extra Sharp Cheddar (Aged 2 years) , Smoked Cheddar, Honey Brook Cheddar 
Monterey Cheeses
Chives & Dill Jack , Honey Brook Jack , Joys Tomato  Basil Jack, Pepperoni Jack, Garlic & Basil Jack, Orange Cranberry Jack (seasonal)
Smoked or Baby Gouda
Additional Cheeses
Mozzerella, Harvati 

Soft Cheese Spreads

these are perfect for spreading on bread, crackers, or pretzel dips


We also carry September Farm, All-natural yogurt with locally produced, quality Grade A milk. They have crafted a whole milk yogurt that is both delicious and nutritious! Because it is rich in protein and lightly sweetened with natural cane sugar, a yogurt that is a healthy treat that you and your family can indulge in every day.