Ground on-site weekly, our Peanut Butter is fresh and available in many “Peanutty” flavors!


How is it made? Fresh ground peanut butter is made by grinding roasted and unsalted peanuts, with some salt and a sweetener mixed in for taste. We have a peanut grinder that slowly breaks down the roasted peanuts to make a smooth spread.  So what’s the difference between Fresh Ground Peanut Butter and Commercial? Commercial butters include stabilizing agents to keep the oil emulsified into the product. Fresh ground peanut butters accumulate a thin layer of oil on the top of the mixture that must be mixed into the butter with each use. 

Merrymead has great butter flavors. It’s worth trying them all! They're also a great gift for a peanut butter admirer or a treat just for you!


In 1lb. or ½ lb. containers:

Homemade Old Style Honey Roasted




Homestyle Chocolate 

All Natural Almond Butter