Specialty Breads


Looking for a quick weekday meal? Need an easy appetizer for a party or do you have company coming over for game day? Let Merrymead help you prep for an easy, go-to dish!  We are fully stocked with Marchiano’s Bakery Specialty Breads!  These loaves of Italian bread are filled with blended cheeses & hearty ingredients; A family recipe going back four generations. Marchiano’s of Philadelphia has managed to keep the wholesome and tasty touch of the old country. They share it with anyone who appreciates the value of a product that was created in a small kitchen by a cook who was concerned only with quality and tradition. Specialty Breads are stuffed with different varieties of meats, vegetables, and cheeses. They are served as appetizers, late night snacks, or simply as a quick dinner, due to the ease in preparation. These popular loaves are a staple in our freezer in our Dairy Store. Stop by Merrymead today to try some of these delicious breads.  (We hear that keeping a few extras in your freezer is super helpful and easy for last minute meals)  


Pepperoni & Cheese

Hormel Pepperoni exclusively cut to our specifications and our own blend of natural cheeses baked together in this famous specialty loaf


Cheese Steak

Thinly sliced steak is topped with our own blended cheeses to fill this popular bread


Spinach & Cheese

Spinach chopped and sautéed with garlic and oil perfectly layered with our blended cheese to provide the nucleus for Philadelphia Magazine’s Best of Philly® award winning breads


Chicken Cheese Steak

Fresh chicken breast seasoned to perfection with our blended cheeses