Raw honey has great benefits, check out our selection of locally sourced honey and see if we have something uniquely sweet for the honey lover in your life.


World O’ Honey: Silverdale, PA

World O’ Honey offers a variety of Honey Products using only natural and wholesome ingredients.

Dad’s Honey Vinaigrette Marinade and Dressing - It's sweet. It's delicious. And it goes with everything. This bottle will be your kitchen's new all-star. Pour it over flank steaks, as a marinade; drizzle it lightly on greens, herbs and walnuts to sweeten your summer salad; or mix it up with rotini, tomatoes, cheese, and pepperoni for an unforgettable pasta dish.

Honey Combs

Chunk Honey

Creamed Lemon Zest 

Creamed Orange Zest

Creamed Vanilla Almond

Creamed Cinnamon

Creamed Plain

Creamed Ginger


Queenline Blueberry


Hound Dog Honey: Glenmoore, PA

With a great selection of raw honey varieties, Hound Dog Raw honey contains all of the pollen, propolis and enzymes that are so good for you. Most of the honey you find at the store has the nutrients cooked out of the honey. Not so with Hound Dog Honey, always go for Raw Honey so you will get the incredible health benefits it provides. 

We also have bee pollen, a superfood known to have excellent health benefits!  

(Available in a variety of sizes from Jars to Squeeze Bottles)

Bee Pollen 

Orange Blossom