Moyer & Son, Inc. is a family owned business that has been a fixture in Souderton, Pennsylvania since 1869. 

Moyer purchased the Scarlett Seed Company, which was located in the inner harbor of Baltimore, Maryland in the early 1980’s.

 Scarlett Company, in operation since 1896, sold germinating seeds, wild bird seeds, and domestic bird foods.

 In 1985 Moyer sold the germinating seed division and moved the production of the wild bird and companion bird feed to their home facility  in Souderton.

Feed your feathered friends!

Merrymead’s selection of Scarlett Bird Food

Ultimate Wild Bird Food (20lb)-  Ultimate Wild Bird Food appeals to a broad variety of species

       Ingredients:  Millet, Oil Type Sunflower Seed, Safflower, Split Peanuts, Sunflower Chips, Dried Cherries, Natural and/or Artificial Flavors

Woodpeckers  (20lb) – These guys shouldn’t always have to work so hard for their meal! This blend is the perfect snack.

       Ingredients: Split Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Corn, Sunflower Chips, Raisins, Pumpkin Seed, Dried Cherries, Natural and/or Artificial Flavors

 Deck/ Patio (20lb & 5lb) –This mix is for the smaller and friendlier birds. It comes in 5 pound poly bags or 20 pound paper bags.

       Ingredients: Sunflower Chips, Split Peanuts, Hulled Millet, Natural and/or Artificial Flavors

Black Oil Sunflower (25lb)

Nyjer Seed  (25lb & 8lbs)

Safflower (25lb)

Split Peanuts (5lb)

Peanuts in Shell (2lb)


 Suet was once something we stocked up on in backyard feeders only during the winter months.  Now suet is used more often year round and is packed with a lot of beneficial nutrients for the birds.  In Spring, it helps to increase the birds’ energy demand for nesting.  In Summer, is provides a great alternate for insect- eating birds, especially in years when insects cannot be found!  In Fall, suet helps wilds birds store fat to prepare for migration of the coming Winter.  And of course in Winter, suet replenishes depleted  energy and nutrients to help birds survive the Winter.  Feeding the birds proteins, carbs, and fats is important because their metabolisms are extremely accelerated.  Fat energy helps them sustain activity levels longer between meals. 




High Energy

Hot Pepper

Peanut Butter

Raisin N’ Nut