Hand-crafted ice cream cakes & pies
made with premium ice cream!

Made weekly and onsite with fresh ingredients, Merrymead’s ice cream cakes & pies are available in our store located in Lansdale, PA. These specialty desserts are “cream” of the crop using cream from our favorite dairy cows! Our ice cream cakes and pies are sure the be the perfect dessert for any occasion, from birthday to anniversary to weekend get-together!

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Fill out the form below to request your custom cake. Our standard ice cream cakes are layered with a creamy vanilla bean ice cream on top, an Oreo cookie crunch layer in the center, chocolate ice cream on bottom and covered in a vanilla whipped topping. You can also call 610-584-4410 to learn about our variety of ice cream cakes in stock for immediate pickup.

Standard Cakes Servings and Prices:

6” (serves 6-8 people) - $19.99

7” (serves 8-10 people) - $26.99

8” (serves 12-14 people) - $32.99

10" x 14” -1/4 sheet- (serves 20-24 people) - $42.99

12" x 18" -1/2 sheet- (serves 35-40 people) - $56.99


Looking for your favorite Merrymead flavor?

We can switch one or both layers of our standard ice cream cake to any of the flavors listed:

(Standard Cake: Vanilla- Top Layer, Chocolate- Bottom Layer)

Request of flavor change will only be allowed for 8", 10x14, or 12x18

Black Raspberry 

Cold Brew Coffee

Chocolate Bakers Delight

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Cookies ‘n Cream

Mint Chocolate Chip 

Peanut Butter Vanilla 

Peanut Butter Chocolate 





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One Layer change: Additional $4.00 ~ Both Layers Changed: Additional $8.00

(*For custom orders please allow two weeks advance notice*)

Gourmet Ice Cream Cakes:

(For custom orders please allow one week advance notice)





Merrymead’s Gourmet Ice Cream Cakes are creamy & delicious 8” round cakes that serve 12-14 people and all flavors are $38.99 each. These homemade cakes are available in a variety of popular Ice Cream flavors and are garnished with extra toppings for that extra kick of sweet! Our gourmet cakes are an “udderly” unique way to sweeten up any event.Call (610) 584-4410 for pricing and in stock availability.

       Gourmet Cakes

                   (garnished with extra topping $38.99 ea.)

                     Check out our variety of delicious gourmet flavors:

           Cookie Dough

          Cookies N' Cream

            Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

          Mint Chocolate Chip

Ice Cream Pies

Starting with a chocolate cookie crust, these tasty treats are going to impress any taste buds. Packed with flavor in every bite, Merrymeads Ice cream pies are available in a variety of flavors!

Cookies N’ Cream, Reese Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & Mint Chocolate Chip

(We make in small batches and stock our shelves weekly, Call for pie availability)



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Please allow two (2) week advance notice for custom orders. Your order will not be processed until we receive a payment in full.  Any questions? Please contact us before placing your order (610) 584-4410 (M-F) 9AM-4PM. We will follow up with a phone call to confirm your order and to take payment to place your order.   Standard Cakes: Top Layer- Vanilla, Bottom Layer -Chocolate, if requesting a flavor change for your top or bottom layer, we will only allow for changes in a 8", 10x14, or 12x18 sizes.